{look} all white



Katja Rahlwes captures Karmen Pedaru for Vogue Paris February 2015


February Fashionuary is my kinda month. Short. Sociable and with an unrelenting assault course which goes by the name fashion week.

But we don’t need to go there just yet.

I’m on a two week countdown to cupid-ville. Toying with head-to-toe white. Something a strong silhouette my red-wine dodging self fancies for the win.

Who’s in?

L x

Source. The Fashionography.

Styled by Geraldine Saglio. Hair by Seb Bascle. Make-up by Georgina Grabam. 

Vogue Paris February 2015

  • Gorgeous imagery as ever and whilst I do adore the all white ensemble, my brain goes into overdrive worrying about every single speck of dirt. Oh to be living in a Daz white world… xxx