{outfit} pink lady



Me and ‘the silky bomber’ go way back…



Although my Rizzo at Rydell High days are long gone – I can still robe  up like a pink lady.


And this spanking new bomber only scored last weekend I’m hoping will take the top spot as my 2015 summer classic.

Shape wise, a perennial favourite …a transitional wing-girl if you will.

With proven thrown-over-shoulder, tossed-over-a-chair, screwed-into-a-ball and bunged-into-a-tote properties.

Yep, pink lady seems like a forgiving soul …so long as I show her some steam.

Suppose this is me lining up the summer team…

L x

roc-eyewear-dayconversemissguided-bomberforever 21 faux leather midiwolford-berlin-bodyradial-cuff edge of ember