{outfit} happy feet


I’m writing this ‘on the hoof’, airing live from a coffee shop south of Guildford whilst I piggy-back some poor souls data allowance ‘n pray for extra sprinkles on my skinny cap #life

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black-shirt-lindexacne-studios-pica-sandalswhite -mini-skirtblack shirtzara-mini-skirtblack-shirtacne-studios-pica-sandal

You see, the trouble with me is I have to wear to share new stuff immediately.

So when outrageously cool sandals – the ones I’ve been bleeting about – arrived this morning…. I had to do just that.

Huge thanks to Mr. Luxe who chauffeured me into town super early to play shutterbug.

And all hail the strong coffee + speedy internet for supporting my bid to match them up with some equally cool frayed-hem denim.

But for now…. new high-street-steal-mini & co will do.

L x

Head over to the @Lyst instagram to win a pair… or click the link below to seal the deal.

acne-studios-pica-sandallindex-black-shirtzara mini skirt

florian london mini vienna totevalentino sunglasses