{outfit} 9 FACTS about me

summer-streetstyle9 facts about me9 facts about me9 facts about me9 facts about me9 facts about me

Prymal fedora

Fendi tote

ROC sunglasses

Valentino espadrilles

ZARA skirt

MVMT watch


9 FACTS about me:

1. I’m an only child.

2. I studied classical piano at university and played Chopin’s “Fantasie” Impromptu blindfolded for many years.

3. I’m married to a man 21 years older than me.

4. We love Sex and the City.

5. Designer shoes are my biggest passion, but unlike Carrie Bradshaw I store them inside dust bags/boxes and use polaroids to remind me what’s inside.

6. My first car was a Mercedes SLK, we had a short & sweet romance after I drove her away and straight into a neighbours front door.

7. My second car was a Mercedes SLK, she had a slightly bigger engine and much shorter existence after I drove her into the central reservation on a motorway..

8. My favourite phone app is Uber, for obvious reasons.

9. If I could live anywhere other than London it would be New York, it’s where we got married and where I feel most comfortable.

L x

valentino-espadrillesroc sunglassesprymal fedora

mvmt watchesfendi peekaboozara-mini-skirt

Pics taken on an Olympus Pen E-PL7