{london} and so it goes


Captured by an obliging hubby and clutching the coolest leather tote bag cos why not …somewhere in Belgravia.

Yep, I scored this tote during London Fashion Week.

Does this qualify as a goodie-bag? It was given to me at an afternoon-tea party the LFW sponsors Sunglass Hut were throwing. A party where I hoovered a record-sized portion of cake, sank sipped on a thimble of fizz then made a sharp exit clutching a doggy bag of macaroons, 2 huge hydrangea heads and this snazzy bag. See the evidence.

Bit about the bag: designed by Gareth Pugh (of Kylie costumes and killer catwalk fame) she’s 1 of only 200, limited edition, leather, suede, so flippin’ big so I folded her in half.

I left the party a bit early for two reasons.

First, the 8 quid an hour parking space set the pace  – like who carries 16 pound coins in their purse? Gareth, you and your big tote are on to something. It’s crazy/typical you can’t call or pay by card in my preferred ‘burb of London.

Second, more personal. I’m still ever so new to this fashion game. Last September was my first ever time at London Fashion Week would you believe. Since then, I’ve made some incredible mates, snook into all sorts of parties, but every now and then I find myself a little overwhelmed by it all.

In other news, I’ve also realised I over-use the word SO. Which means WHICH is probably gonna take a hammering on my twitter whilst I explore other adverbs.

Taking the flares to Paris… but first.

Sleep, eat, fold the tote, repeat.

L x

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wearing Miss Maggie blouse DONNA IDA DENIMDenim Flare with Matelot Button Front LOST INC, leather tote SUNGLASS HUT

  • You look amazing, and your hair is oh so very autumnal! Beautiful! And what a winner you are with that tote bag, all that cake and fizz sounds amazing.


    • lornaluxe

      ever so grateful darling thanks xxxx

  • Totally in love with this!


  • This color looks gorgeous on you babe! And flares are definitely made for you my SOgirl! xxx

  • I just adore these jeans so much! They look fabulous on you!



    • lornaluxe

      Nathalie, thanks ever so much xxx