{paris} fashion week blues

fashion week blues

Alas, I pulled up at not-so-sunny St. Pancras armed with an obscene amount of digital content to be uploaded and full of that feeling …the fashion week blues.

fashion week bluesfashion week blues

So what better way to reconcile life-after-fashion-week than to ignore that bit completely and make like we’re (I’m) still in a Jardin, joyfully unaware of the inbox awaiting our (my) return.

fashion week bluesfashion week bluesfashion week blues
Yep those valid distractions like pesky emails, unpacking and most precious of all SLEEP can wait.

I’m winding it back to the weekend, when I whipped up a cobalt storm in this asymmetric two-piece I plucked from New York outpost Elie Tahari.

Tahari’s a newcomer to my closet (apparently not to the rest of ‘merica I’m informed) and one who’s realistic price-point still stands a good chance of unsettling my wallet, damn you …Harrods concession you.

And last visit after tearing myself away from the umpteenth layer of suede (‘cept for a chicory hued statement just TOO good to miss), and pouring over endless exquisite knits, I settled for this knee-length, weighty, waist-syncher and stayed Royal with a matching sheer blouse.

I tackled my way through the fashion-week assault course Jardin du Tuileries in a vertiginous pair of python heels, the finest example I could find.

And arrived back with just enough time to dust down the threads and do it all over again.

L xxx

fashion week blues fashion week blues fashion week blues


blouse & skirt ELIE TAHARI,


purse FENDI,

sunglasses D&G,

jewellery SWAROVSKI

Elie Tahari Sachi Asymmetrical Suede Skirt

  • Stunning, Lorna!! That blue on you – head to toe gorgeous! Enjoy Pariiiiis!
    Xx J’adorais

    • lornaluxe

      Yay, thanks darling, it was fantastic – kind of want to do it all again x