{paris} a 60’s shift

this is not the 60's

Today I endorse dressing for an era other than one’s own.

Why? Well let me introduce you to someone special. She’s a 60’s wool shift dress called Edie. With Penelope Pitstop appeal and lbd-purging properties.

this is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60's

Fresh from a hefty amount of fashun this month, and with three cities worth of catwalk-consumption up my sleeves, it’s fair to say I’m 100% affected by all things revival.

I’ve succumbed to the majority vote for over-the-knee booties, well-cut mini’s and finally the return of the waist. So when I spotted Edie in a boutique in Belgravia…  it was love.

And Tabitha Webb delivers. A does-what-it-says-on-the-tin dress, a shift dress which channels my good-girl-gone-bad vibes a la Sedgwick and co.

And the truth is, a dress with pockets just never falls out of flavour, she’s a keeper I can count on sticking around.

Her first outing in Paris – where we shot these pics – I caved into my shiny red Vespa obsession, very nearly getting arrested for vigorous handlebar stroking. Nice french policeman took pity on my feeble Del Boy french but alas, no pics of me on my 60’s scooter.

Shall we agree then that I’ll be bringing Edie out for a re-run.

But for now let’s bask in her colour-blocking glory and get giddy over my new found matchy matchy hat.

L x


this is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60'sthis is not the 60's


hat | KENZO

boots | TED & MUFFY

bag | FENDI


tabitha webb edie purple wool shift dress

fendi peekabookenzo purple capted and muffy freia boot

ph. J. Andrews

All words, styling and creative direction my own.

  • I absolutely adore this outfit! This color looks great on you and a big yes to this hat!!! I need it right now! The dress is cutest ever and worn by the cutest girl, what else? Love you babe xxx

    • lornaluxe

      Darling thanks so so much for saying that – you’re a constant inspiration to me
      L x

  • Those Freia boots looks incredible on you!

    • lornaluxe

      Thanks so so much xxx

  • Love the dress and the boots! You look stunning. 🙂

    Monica || http://www.thestreetedit.com/style/2015/9/27/green-and-yellow