i am sale-ing

anine bing

Yup… Sale season is at that crucial point in the game.

Am i too late to the party? Mid Jan? Course not.

This is the month of extra reductions on the high street, little known (way cooler) brands puckering up with discount kisses. Inside I’m hi-fiving my gene pool for supplying special privileges – it’s rich pickings when you’re a shoe size 3.

mohair knit cardigan layered over chunky knit turtleneckgrey mohair knit cardigan hairtuck and turtleneckceline sunglassesmohair knit cardigan

So far I’ve held off from any Sale-ing. Maintaining a dignified silence through the first test; patience is key.

I have however been mentally tallying how many sodding occasions white-leather-rendered-skirt-suit would have significantly improved life …seriously, only a smug-discount score this late in the game is sure to sweeten the last sado-sartorial-masochistic few months. No sleeping bag real-estate down Oxford Street on my watch.

There’s been a dripping tap effect of hashtag sale-scores and hashtag hauls peppering my social feeds for some time now. I have resisted.

Til now.

Tonight is special. Special because bookmarked e-commerce fave ANINE BING is launching an impromptu over-the-weekend sale which I don’t mind admitting to feverishly refreshing in submissive excitement. I’m only human.

FYI: ANINE BING and those perfectly executed luxury basics are worth their weight in gold.

No doubt any sometime visitors to my blog will likely be well versed on my worship of the label. Scandi bred, Cali based, Anine Bing herself is a modern day muse to monochrome basics, exceptional tees and leathers TDF which purists like me go cray for. So an ANINE BING Sale is sport.

So far I’ve identified 2 likely contenders ripe for the e-basket. The first, a leathery addition to my armour which I promise to steer clear of the floordrobe. The second, a more considered purchase owing to my latest obsession with charcoal and chunky knits – I can see it sublimely stuffed into the sleeves of a buttery leather biker, slouchily overlapping the softest denim threads known to man.

See you there.

L x

mohair knit cardiganoversized mohair knit cardigangrey layerscosy layered knitwearcosy mohair knit cardiganmohair knit cardigan

mohair knit cardigan | ANINE BING

chunky knit turtleneck | FEW MODA

faux leather leggings | WOLFORD

over the knee boots | JIMMY CHOO

sunglasses | CÉLINE

ph. J. Andrews

Created in collaboration with ANINE BING. All words, styling and creative direction my own.

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