{fashion week} Forever 21 and i


Forever 21 and I are in cahoots…

Today I’m holding their snapchat hostage – a ‘day in the life’ is the brief… so plenty of backseat carfies, creative captioning, cute shots of posh houses and 10 second bursts of me darting between traffic.

Be honest, previous snapchat convictions include impromptu singing and inaccurate weather reports… already counting the seconds til the snaps self delete.

I’ve promised Forever 21 an exhilarating day filled with highs and shows…. Wish. Me Luck…


This is my 6th LFW season.

And what I lack in forward planning, I plan to make up for in Forever 21 swag and umpteen lists. Forever 21 pulled it out the bag as per and delivered a capsule London Fashion Week inspired collection which I lapped up and shot for this post. Hero pieces for me include this patchwork denim mini complete with frayed hem, high waist and every-girls-best-friend side zip. Also toying with shoulder flashing my way through spring and this should break me in gently.

But back to lists. I love a list.

Working title of 1st list: No fashionista worth her instagram filter should ever…

FORGET A PHONE CHARGER/POWER UNIT/NATIONAL GRID: mine – a long serving allbeit cumbersome one – goes by the name husband. He and he alone is entrusted with the task of maintaining a 90% battery at all times and seeking power outlets and wifi codes if/when every hour i need. One owner, not for sale.

NOT SMILE: so last season a photographer barked at me not to smile. So busy was I merrily perfecting my resting-scoul-face that I inadvertently ended up on glamour.com gurning. Online is forever people. FOREVER.


STAY IN A RELATIONSHIP with Ben and Jerry: Dairy free is the new black.

NOT BUY THE SHOES: but remember the plasters.

denim mini skirt forever 21denim mini skirt forever 21denim mini skirt forever 21

FORGET TO CALL ME: or call voicemail, call anyone really so as to facilitate a realistic prop-calling sesh for the purposes of willing street style photographers. Sashaying through the cobbled streets of SOHO so as to stand apart from the herds of 2 point 4 kids on family days out is a tricky one to master. Wanting to be street style papped is A-OK in my book. You got dolled up for a reason remember.

NOT FOLLOW: follow everyone involved in the ‘show’ you need to tag/mention/gush about online beforehand. No point missing the free canapés action cos you’re so engrossed in spell-checking Russian models.


STAY MUTE: talk, get to know people, networking and nurturing community spirit is by far the most rewarding thing you’ll take away from the week. Coo-ing over maxi skirts and munching on canapés has born me some life long friendships.

NOT HAVE AN OPINION: once you’re off your phone there’s a good chance someone might ask you who/what you loved at when/wherever you were. Go armed with catchy banter and throw in a quirky word then watch it spread like wildfire. This year my word is TRACEABILITY. Last season my word was BASIC.

Yup. Never be basic.

L x

denim mini skirtdenim-skirt-nude-heels-bucket-bag-all-forever-21denim-skirt-nude-heels-bucket-bag-all-forever-21denim-skirt-nude-heels-bucket-bag-all-forever-21

fringed open knit

pointed cutout faux-suede wedges

bucket bag

denim skirt

ph. J. Andrews

Created in collaboration with FOREVER 21. All words, styling and creative direction my own.