little red


How is this dress my best friend? Let’s review the evidence:


She’s short enough to showcase my bronzing skills but swishy enough to protect my modesty….


Tits on toast squad goals for date night …but she has my back and arms covered for those obligatory mojitos on the terrace.


Eye-catching enough to show i’m committed to fashun, Milan street-hued enough

…making like the locals aren’t i?


Another reason to wear my new biker jacket… if breathing wasn’t reason enough!

But back to Little Red. A dress I consider a best friend on the fashion month marathon… Expect more girly adventures from us in Paris.

See you on instagram hashtag regularly!!!!

L x


little red dress | RÉALISATION PAR

biker jacket | KELLY LOVE

retro sunglasses | SHANGHAI TANG


boots | BALENCIAGA (spotted this pair on VC pre owned)

gold locket | GOLDSMITHS

camera | OLYMPUS

olympus necklace strap | OLYMPUS

bronzed limbs courtesy of non streak SIENNA X always…. x

ph. J. Andrews

All words, styling and creative direction my own.

  • These photos are incredible! I LOVE this outfit too, the dress is to die for! and the boots, HEAVENLY!

    Shot From The Street

  • Great look!


  • A

    How is the material and fit on this dress?

    • lornaluxe

      It fits true to size – it’s made from silk so hangs v v well x

  • Shauna

    Do NOT buy this dress. After seeing it on this blog, I purchased this dress in navy. When the dress arrived, I was horrified to see that it was far too sheer; the quality of both the material and the construction is poor; and, returns are a nightmare! A total rip-off.

    • Hi my darling it’s 100% silk, how can it be sheer? On another note, sad to hear you didn’t like your dress, I paid full price for mine and love it.

      l x

      • Shauna

        The overhead lighting in my apartment shines right through it… and it’s even worse in direct sunlight. I wanted to wear this on Nantucket in the springtime, but definitely won’t be able to do that. Glad you like the dress, but I can’t say my experience was the same – at all.

        • Do you follow me on instagram? I ordered a similar dress which arrived today and i’m wearing on my last post. It’s cotton – so much cheaper – and not at all sheer. I really wish someone would invent the perfect sheer slip, at least then you could wear your little red dress! I will google for you xxxx

          • Emily FitzGerald

            What is your insta? I’d love to see the dress!

    • Flora Csakvari

      Hi shauna are you selling the dress please? If so please contact me at

      • Shauna

        I’m located in the U.S. I posted the dress (size XXS) for sale on PoshMark. Username on PoshMark is BaileyBoo887.

        • Flora Csakvari

          I am in the UK so have no access to poshmark, but if you still have the dress for sale please contact me at

  • Frenchymiss

    Hi Lorna, Love your website & instagram page. Which size did you get for this gorgeous dress : XS ou S? Regards, F.

  • Frenchymiss

    Hi Lorna, love your website & instagram page. Which size did you take this gorgeous dress? Regards, F.

    • lornaluxe

      size small darling x

  • Flora Csakvari

    Hi shauna, are you selling the dress please? If so can you contact me at Thanks! Flora

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