how a 20-something me turned my hobby into a career


If you dig deep enough into my instagram, instead of Parisian balconies shot in glossy Nikon hi-res, something much more real and dare-i-say naive awaits you. Mainly selfies and snaps of my dog.


You see I’ve come a long way from my original insta-habit; built a blog, broken a few watches, baked cod on a spanish beach, broken my apres-ski virginity and befriended a ski butler ALL in the name of blogging. Don’t worry, some things have stayed exactly the same… I’m still @lornaluxe from the block.

Through all of this ‘journey’ I’ve learned some harsh truths – like I know my face really does need a filter. I’ve learned some handy tricks – like sellotaping my cheeks before I apply eye-shadow. I’ve learned some valuable words to live by which I’m about to share right here right now…


On CAPTURING – this came easy to me. I quickly sacked my iPhone in favour of a DSLR and switched my night time netflix for nice-kid-who-teaches-nikon-how-2-on-you-tube.

But as I racked up editorial shots and staged captures for my blog, my insta-audience turned off. I believe that identifying my target audience and recognising that my instagram style should be more intimate and honest really helped me to grow my social following.


Cesare Paciotti fw16/17 Presentation @Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris 

On QUALITIES – passion, enthusiasm, a strong sense of self… basically all the shizzle in Elle Woods closing speech. These are the qualities I strive for most as a blogger.

Being proactive from-where-I-lay-in-bed-scrolling-insta is a daily mission – so the fact I make stuff happen at all makes me appreciate when others do too. I’m a magpie for a brand, PR, blogger, anyone in fact who goes the extra mile and gives their everything. Those people are like gold dust and when I find them I treat them right. The rest, I suck it up but rarely ever go back for second helpings. Stay true to yourself.


On the most helpful PIECE OF ADVICE I received –  ‘if you can’t be better be different, if you can’t be different be better’.

So many times I’ve scrolled instagram in need of inspiration. I’ve read other bloggers posts looking for an idea. I’ve studied for some newsworthy trend to natter about.

All from-where-I-lay-in-bed. Bliss. Still it’s a tug of war staying true to my style, my vibe, my banter without becoming a sponge drowned in the vat of other peoples ideas. But one I’m willing to take on. Copying isn’t un-cool …this is fashion after all. But single-white-femaling can’t be good for the spirit. If you can’t be better, be different.


Lunch @ L’avenue Champs Elysee Paris

On CREATING – and staying creative, this is the most necessary part of what I do. It’s the most rewarding too.

Sharing my ideas, thoughts, sometimes-contorted body in the name of a new necklace/coat/bag is as Mr. Luxe would agree A CHALLENGE but oh so fun. I feel like my 7-yr-old self – adorning suitcases with souvenirs from Benidorm – would get on board with the picture-taking, fashion-talking, coffee-sipping woman I’ve become. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this blogger has a lot more suitcase-decorating left in her. Staying creative keeps us in the game.


Magda Butrym presentation FW16/17 Paris

On COMMUNITY – in blogging this is like networking in any other profession. Sharing’s caring and supporting is sporting. I’ve learned the value of standing as a collective. Plus I like knowing that I’ll always have someone to wing girl at the Hotel Costes with in Paris – so necessary .

Have you found a blogger that ticks all of these boxes? If so SHARE them with me, I wanna check them out.

Happy weekend.

L x


cashmere knit | ELIE TAHARI

ivory silk shorts | INTIMISSIMI

gold pendant | GOLDSMITHS


shoes | DIOR

fluffy gilet | AMELIA JANE LONDON

cross body bag | RED VALENTINO

retro sunglasses | SHANGHAI TANG

shot in PARIS, we stayed in the 8th Arr. (via AIRBNB) – message me for details

ph. J. Andrews

All words, styling and creative direction my own.

  • Love it! Your style is inspiring and so luxe ✨ I have a few bloggers that I like right now it’s @MaeGabriel (can be found on Instagram) enjoy Simi X

  • This is the first post that I’ve come across of yours and it is a lovely read! I also love all of your images too!

  • Yes! I love that you emphasized being different. I love your style because it’s unique compared to other bloggers out there and I think that’s really important in the blogging world. There can really be pressure to conform out there (with free samples, paid work, etc) but if you do you lose your authenticity and then eventually your audience. Saying no to the right people becomes a huge part of the job!

  • This post gave me some needed inspo. I’ve decided to go freelance and really wish to grown my blog more too but a little self doubt keeps creeping in and I get a little unhappy about it. Do you have any honest tips for that?
    Chloe xo

  • “if you can’t be better be different, if you can’t be different be better.”

    That is all.

  • Lorna, I’m a little late to this post, however nail straight on the head girl.

    Your blog and writing style is 100% you! And when I’m in need of a little new-ness… a little of my own creative single-white-femaling (but not really) I come see what you’re writing and stylin’ about.

    Thanks for sharing doll! xo!


  • You just get it so right… every time. Those girls you look to for inspiration… you’re one of those girls.x