{styling hacks} a tall order


This post has been brewing for some time.


You see i’m often asked “how tall are you?” …on my instagram, on my twitter, even last night via email.

I’m cool with it.

I’m 5’4″ y’all… WHO KNEW!

I know, not exactly pint-sized – but not as vertically gifted as I would like so I’m always on the hunt for new unexpected ways to elevate my petite-ness.

It was early last month when I spent a productive afternoon turning the changing room of Shanghai Tang on Sloane St into my own personal floordrobe – quickly falling into the perfect fit silk-cotton shorts… and we haven’t looked back. I waited to the final leg of fashion month to take them out. The outfit became an instant hit on my insta granted it’s leggy and I had a tan-butler work miracles but also I reckon it’s a great example of how to make a short girl look taller.

Cue my style hacks:


Embrace micro – a shorter hemline makes legs appear longer, Non?

So truth is, the silk-cotton shorts were a game changer for me, my climb-out-of-the-uber manoeuvre’s borderline shameful. I’m also acutely aware how tricky it is for taller girls to pull these shorter lengths off – just taking one for the team.


Cinch your waist – first rule of fashion club amirite?

Granted I appreciate how a slim fitting top enhances the silhouette, though I typically drifted off course and into the arms of a serial Shanghai Tang-er …a silk georgette blouse with trim with very strong game. Something swishy and light – a no-brainer for summer – one you’ll no doubt see again on a date night with my denims.

Partnering her up with a fitted jacket helped to create the illusion of a waist. The shoulder robing …curse of the catwalk *innit.


On pointed courts – girls best friend?

True, round toes are having a trend inspired moment right now but every petite girl worth her Vogue subscription knows the way to longer limbs is pointed toes. I fully support your decision to opt for flat over heeled, so long as there’s a little toe cleavage …flex those metatarsals and we’re back in the game to leg lengthening.


Colour freeze – if monochrome were a bloke you’d take him home to meet the family?

Easy on the eye, more palatable sorry-not-sorry on the ‘gram. This outfit would still work in colour, but I love the simplicity of inky navy and white. I used gold accessories to anchor the look, and created repetition with the embroideried short and the lace in the georgette blouse. Subtle details that elevate without overtaking are everything.

I consider these silk-cotton shorts the coolest kind of essential. Do I need to say any more?

L x


Silk-Cotton Shorts With Embroidery | SHANGHAI TANG

Silk Georgette Blouse With Lace Trim | SHANGHAI TANG

Mongolian Bijou Sm Flap Handbag | SHANGHAI TANG

Retro Chinese Round Sunglasses | SHANGHAI TANG

Stiletto Pumps | DUNE LONDON


ph. J. Andrews

Created in collaboration with SHANGHAI TANG. All words, styling and creative direction my own.