Swiss-tory …a date with Dune London


We’d been flirting outrageously since December.. Dune London and I.

A one night stand at the British Fashion Awards before Christmas, then a press day pick-up line which completely sealed the deal …not long after that I was blocking out the diary and polishing off my passport for a cheeky trip to Switzerland. The rest is Swiss-tory …or not quite.


Just to be clear; swanky trips like this one to Zurich, decked out in new shoes and chauffered to the launch of a Dune London store opening don’t come around all too often. A tickle me moment, a 24 hour undertaking which I felt the need to document …A LOT.

If you’re already a fan of (the artist formerly known as Big Brother, now pitching for president and re-branded as) snapchat then you’ll be up-to-date with the many intimate details of the trip …most prominently the civil code of conduct we 4 compadres adopted to ensure maximum comfort and hydration – code-word Fizz.

Finding kindred spirits on a press trip gives me the same europhic feeling I get when J whips out his credit card seconds before I panic-pay for my pricey cut and colour. A relief.

And leaving London well libated and excited to Swiss roll to the hotel, the four of us; me, Claire, Danielle and Lesley-Ann pulled up to the boutique-hotel-on-a-hill in united agreement – to stick together and tick off as many added extras as we could. We did.


B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa Zurich

{Official disclaimer} had I googled the B2 beforehand and realised to what extent my faux-tanned limbs would be submerged in ocean spring, I’d have decanted 100ml of my sun-in-a-bottle and smuggled the buffing mitt into my wheelie.

Fortunately; Ghillie Lace pointies, tinted serum and a supper in the dark circumnavigated me out of danger.   For the remainder of the trip my snapchats were considerably more filtered …first-world.


Fuelled from an epic vegan lunch at HILTL (geek fact: first vegetarian restaurant in the world …cos yep lot’s of firsts on this trip),

aided and abetted by the comfiest flatforms – Dune Black ENZA btw,

Me and my Swiss family took full advantage of our new strides and diverted from fizz o’clock up another hill to capture the vista. A victory.

But back to the main event; celebrating the launch of Dune London’s shiny new Zurich store and recalling the awkward moment I man-handled one too many Sprüngli sweet-treats then fondled a suede sneaker. To recover, I snap chatted my favourites (i’ve listed them down the bottom if you missed it).


Charlize…. Uh huh

I’m back home in London for all of a hot minute before I skip to Venice for my bestie’s birthday. Enza flatforms should steer me in and out of those gondolas and over my errrr… gelato-coma.

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L x


Dune Black ‘ENZA’ flatforms | DUNE LONDON

denim mini-skirt | LEVIS

deep ‘V’ knit | GESTUZ

sunglasses | TAYLOR MORRIS LDN

leather jacket | GESTUZ

gold necklaces | JANE KOENIG

camera/strap | OLYMPUS UK

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ph. J. Andrews

In collaboration with DUNE LONDON. All words, styling and creative direction my own.