Was a fairytale ticket to BAFTA TV worth the hype?


When CARAT* LONDON HQ called inviting me to join them for this year’s BAFTA TV (months in advance btw) I barely blinked before accepting.

Like, a BAFTA TV red carpet is the closest I’ll ever get to my inappropriate girl crush Doctor Foster (Suranne Jones btw) or more importantly a seat for dinner at the table next to my man crush (Idris …that was my hand on your elbow).

And it’s true, the lady in CARAT* Burlington Arcade knows me better than most of my family, so this was THE golden ticket. 


But then the hard work started.

My beast-to-beauty regime. Fairly straight forward for a gene-fortuitous-filly like me I hear you ask. WRONG

I started BAFTA TV w/ CARAT* prep way back in March… 2 whole months before any actual red carpet action.

Teeth whitening, laser hair removing, eye-brow threading, skin-buffing, hair maintenance, not-on-the-schedule-but-necessary pedicures. I tried to give up my diet of carbs but the kettle chips and Blossom Hill chose me.


Fortunately, while I spent most of April/May missing essentially sleep and running the beauty gauntlet like a Gladiator, CARAT* had everything else covered.

For the night, they’d organised me a suite at the Mondrian London, with a balcony bigger than the blue banana and plenty of wine to glare longingly at through my cleanse juice gulp.

When the day came, I arrived to a fairly quiet Mondrian London. Maybe 8am was a little early. But with a rammed schedule and knowing I’d need to find the best selfie spot before resting easy, i took one for the team.

Thankfully Mondrian London is super photogenic, south facing and definitely got the memo – like an army of beauty warriers holding the entire fifth floor to ransom is what it’s all about. Yep, it was clear from check-in we were gonna get on.


My itinerary read like this(personal notes in italics):


12:30 Meet/greet the CARAT* team in official suite and decide on jewellery. Game plan was killer earrings, stacks of arm candy and a ring that would sparkle when I clapped.

1:00pm Hair w/ AVEDA. It took two Disney-jawed hunks hailing from Hampshire and 82 hair grips to secure my do into place.

1:45pm Tan touch-up’s w/ ST. TROPEZ. Kudos to the tan-guru who correctly identified my skin was borderline dehydrated then insisted I strip naked, thrust my arms in the air while he hosed me down like a prisoner of war.

2:15pm Make-up w/MAC. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it took three mua’s and 4 sets of eyelash extensions who knows.

3:15pm CARAT* canapés & wine in the BAFTA TV suite. I watched.

4:15pm HOUSE OF FRASER last minute outfit changes/malfunction/emergency visit. Mood* Imagine a Veruka Salt sized tantrum when designated dress from Paris never pitches up …then times that by a zillion and throw me into a room of H of F frocks with 2o minutes to decide. 

4:45pm Champagne and giggles w/ CARAT* in official suite. Still unsure about new dress, pass me the champagne.

5:00pm Photos before departure. Love my dress, loooove everyone, loooooovessss sweetie darling, hiccup.

5:30pm Car to collect from Mondrian London hotel lobby. Physically escorted.

5:45pm Car to drop off at Royal Opera House red carpet. Driver a bit lost so we’re dropped off around the corner and do a sobering march around the back of the building to designated…



It was worth the hype!!!

L x


scylla bracelet CARAT* LONDON 

cosmo bracelet CARAT* LONDON

rozeta drop earrings CARAT* LONDON

willa ring CARAT* LONDON


#so this is not a speech but… Huge thanks to CARAT* LONDON for an unforgettable evening and wonderful jewellery to cherish.

I’d also really like to thank BAFTA for a fabulous evening. Bravo to MONDRIAN LONDON for making me feel like a rockstar from the moment I arrived. Hugely grateful to HOUSE OF FRASER for the last minute dress supply which I completely fell in love with. Shout out to AVEDA – my hair stayed put until I arrived in Montenegro the next day, also to MAC for giving J lots of champagne while you gave my face some serious attention. Big thanks to ST. TROPEZ for the last minute buff and polish.

Last but not least, very grateful to Scott – you and entire team at CARAT* made me feel like a princess, to Mo – you were the perfect host, to Tanya – for everything!!!

ph. J. Andrews

All words, styling and creative direction my own.

  • mycitymylondon

    Wow that dress! You don’t always need too high end fashion to look glam. With the right hair and make up and figure, a high street brand does nicely ????????❤️

  • viktoria

    Fab life!


  • Simi Atanda Lindgren
  • Mo Mohsenin

    Such a lovely and generous write up. Thank you for being our guest and for your support always. Much love. M xx

  • Nathalie x WoahStyle

    You are stunning! Congrats on such an amazing moment and thanks for sharing it with us. I felt I was there for just a sec!

    xo, Nathalie