Paris like a Parisian …aka top 3 hotspots to pop in your little black book


This weekend I hopped on a Eurostar – me, my 2 huge suitcases, an excitable Mr. Luxe and a half eaten Boots meal deal – in search of adventure and carb-fuelled romance.

Paris, you never disappoint.


This time I teamed up with Sézane. They’d invited me to hang out in Paris, stay in sexy boutique digs, experience the spa of a lifetime, sip cocktails at Le Meurice and explore their flagship apartment.


The Sézane apartment btw is what concept store/design/interior/accessory/lifestyle dreams are made of… more of that in a mo.

And J and I took full advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend, turning our ‘working’ visit into a full-on Carrie and Big style mini-break with plenty of wine stops.

The hotspots:

Hotel Providence in the 10th Arrondissement, at 90 Rue René Boulanger

Think velvet upholstered club chairs …chinoiserie vases …rosé wine served in vintage etched wine glasses …blue Spode plate porn  …custom made cocktail stations flanked by flea market light fixtures …and iMacs #hallelujah.

All off-set by my beloved House of Hackney florals and matchy matchy lampshades …yup, Hotel Providence Paris is sexy as hell.


Money shots @ Palais Royal, 8 Rue de Montpensier & Passage de Perron

Predictable behaviour and an insatiable appetite for courtyards, columns and 17th century arcades brought us to Palais Royal on our first day. Photogenically it ticks a lot of boxes; an ideal meet-cute spot and most importantly flanked by bistros for those #spontaneousroséstops.

Café Kitsune, Gallerie de Montpensier is the most notable coffee hang, but also seek out Cafe Ruc, 159 Rue Saint Honoré just outside of the arcade for crazy good ice-cream, mojito’s and people watching.


Cute doors in the 2nd Arrondissement alert!


 L’Appartement Sézane, 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002


How to be a Parisian just got a whole lot easier. So chill. So cool.

The concept of the Sézane apartment is so new to me. It’s a place that you come to for inspiration, to check out, try on pieces and then order online from their e-commerce store.

It’s essentially a gallery if you will, with plenty of mid-century barcelona benches and plump velvet sofas to relax on. I would live here and happily spend the rest of my life rearranging the scatter cushions..

That morning I did just that…


Margaux was my adopted host for the duration… she arranged the trip, organised our epic Darphin treatments, guided us on where to go and made us feel instantly at home from the minute we arrived in Paris. Plus she let me try on the new Sézane capsule collection Check out her instagram @MARGAUXSLV so beautiful!!!!


As well as the inordinate amount of beautiful scatter-cushions, vintage glassware, trinkets and gifts – all ready-to-take-away – there’s a cinema!!!! Vintage velvet sofas the works.


I’m back in London for a hot minute before heading to Greece so I’ll share more of my adventure with Sézane over the next week promise…. Show me some love and sign up to my newsletter for unpublished pics and giggles!

Not forgetting a huge and grateful thanks to @MORGANESEZALORY and the @SÉZANE team for making my stay so incredible!

L xxx


donatella red dress SÉZANE (sold out but other cute dresses here)

i wore

stripe blouse STORETS

white jeans TOPSHOP

navy stripe skirt  STORETS

white blouse MISS SIXTY

jewellery from a selection at JANE KOENIG & UNODE50

white pumps KEDS

espadrilles & raffia tote HEIDI KLEIN


ph. J. Andrews

In collaboration with SÉZANE. All words, styling and creative direction my own.