Paris forecast: rose with a side order of romance


When Pantone published their colour report for spring 2016, they labelled it

‘a transporting and transformative canvas’.

They even predicted this season to be

‘a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves’.

So without further ado, let me transport you back to early last week in Paris… when J and I spent our days cavorting like Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. Frolicking through the Tuileries decked out in new season threads. Him willingly cuffed to his camera, me haplessly chained to the PANDORA goodness you see dangling around my décolletage.

Rose tinted?


He’d organised me a picnic… who said romance is dead?


 And what perfect timing for me to talk about PANDORA than in Paris, given the amount of airtime these new pieces from their rose collection have been receiving on the ‘gram since we were there.

PANDORA and I go way back.. Long before J popped the question, the biggest carat I owned was a gold and diamond PANDORA charm. I was super sentimental about that charm, literally would wear it with everything – on necklaces, bracelets – or just carry it in my purse.

I’m a bit like that with J now hehe.

The rose collection only launchd just over a year ago, and proudly I was an early adopter – 4 pieces and counting so far. The Hearts of PANDORA Necklace which literally people stop me in the street about, the longer Anchor Chain and Feather Pendant and matching Feather Ring which I like to stack with a Twisted Pavé.

and I’d really like the Entwine Ring (J if you’re reading).


…under the pink hazed sky, and after our stellar rosé fuelled picnic, we wandered through the Palais Royal and all those early memories of when we met and how we fell in love came flooding back.

We actually got engaged in Paris.


More rosé at Hotel Le Bristol is always a good idea.


What I love most about travelling is the memories you get to create. I suppose I see jewellery as a sort of reference point …transporting me back to that moment in time.

Like this moment when I hopped on the bridge and a little French lady thought J was trying to push me over the side.

And even though I’m utterly vain and will continue to wear my Rose Collection pieces because they look amazing, I know I’ll treasure them forever because I wore them here, with him, in Paris, slightly rosé fuzzy and in love.

Pantone, your prediction for 2016 was so right.

PANDORA, you and your Rose Collection are for keeps.

L x


PANDORA feather ring 

PANDORA twist ring

PANDORA anchor chain necklace

PANDORA feather pendant

hearts of PANDORA necklace

also wearing:

shirt, shorts, bag and shoes from a selection at Sézane

sunglasses Taylor Morris

ph. J. Andrews

In collaboration with PANDORA. All words, styling and creative direction my own.