COACH candy – the cult of the cross-body – a Selfridges story

New COACH candy from Selfridges


Long-term sufferers of my social channels NAMELY pinterest (the platform of sartorial compulsions) will already be well versed with my infatuation for a quality cross-body.

So let me take you on a COACH trip.


What began as a humble Tumblr pilgrimage – THE most inspiring rite of passage for a blogger yer know? – resulted in multiple cross-body procurements.


*Life before COACH

It’s true, I’ve been launching my his credit card at various body-props for some time now. Busying myself with the mechanics of internal compartments, stroking leathers like an antique dealer, body-popping against many an extendable strap… in a quest to find THE ONE.

Til now.


So acquiring buttery ‘pebble-leather’ COACH Crosstown …has well, really hit the spot:

I’m smitten with her gloriously shiny silver-hardware, I’ve found a kindred spirit in her pleasingly chestnut-hued exterior, and can we talk about her sexy turn-lock enclosure?

She’s a box ticker.

A pocket pleaser. A perfect example of WHAT WOMEN WANT.

She’s cute non?


*Life since COACH.

We’ve been inseparable Crosstown Leather Cross-Body and I.

She’s the perfect balance: brimming with sartorial spontenanity yet fulfillingly functional (legit she’s the handbag equivalent of me!). She’s classically compact and yet roomy enough for a beauty hoarder (such as myself). Like a metaphysical tardis; she fits not one, but two iPhones, a charger, an industrial sized bronzing kit and my life-line the tangle teaser.

COACH you did good.

Course, the story doesn’t end here. Now that I’m a self-proclaimed COACH girl, I’ve decided to pop back to the temple SELFRIDGES and invest in another prop-tote pre-fashion month. Kind of thinking something more exotic and with a handle.. we’ll see.

What’s on your lust-list for designer bags this autumn? Or is this one already in your basket?

L x


COACH Crosstown leather cross-body bag

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MANGO suede sandals


ph. J.P. Andrews

In collaboration with SELFRIDGES. All words, styling and direction my own.