10 things i hate about London Fashion Week


CONFASHION: I could tell you a 100 things I love but what’s the fun in that!


1 – It WILL rain (or blow a gale/steal your thunder/flatten your blow-out) so outfit choices start from the waterproof and invariably flat shoes upany Londoner that says otherwise is lying.

2 – If Barbara Casasola invites you to her show and sends you a cute white dare-i-say summer dress with dangly bits that flirt with the floor – build a bridge and get a blazer over it.


3 – A taxi journey will take approximately four times as long.

If you Uber’d…

probably five, cus like not one of em seems to know where they’re going.

In total I spent 832 minutes, ate 23 bags of popcorn, saved 15 scary selfies on my iPhone and lost one umbrella in taxis this past week. Taxi selfies are a reason to work on your chestfie.

4 – And when you finally master your chestfie and arrive at the show/presentation/fight club: it’s good practice to wear statement sunnies no matter how dark it is and talk on your phone to no-one as you self-importantly navigate from the taxi to your designated seat #amirite.


5. Once you’re at the show it’s every man/woman/fashion editor for herself.

6. If you’re not on the front row, the “how my gonna capture the runway without peoples heads in the frame” struggle is more real than the “who stole my goody bag” first world scuffle – any fashionista that says otherwise… she lies.


Barbara Casasola SS17 though.

7 – Every show is literally FASHIONABLY LATE. More popcorn.

7 and 3 quarters – Fashion Hack: If you’re trying to smuggle in a friend, give them your ticket and brave the dreaded BCC (b**ch clutching a clip-board) cus chances are, you’re on a list. Friends who popcorn together.


8 – I don’t trust people who don’t like popcorn/canapes/basically any bite-size carb FACT.

9 – Trying to look good for a week straight is near impossible – trying to look good on Brewer street clutching a bumper box of skinny popcorn was in hindsight not my finest hour. 

10. LFW’s not even a week and I’ve gained 3lbs and lost 4 umbrellas – should have stayed at home and chestfied.

L x

10 things i hate about London Fashion Week

Sleek tailoring and plenty ‘o pockets at Barbara Casasola – yeah summer i see ya

i was wearing:

Runway 2016 ruched dress BARBARA CASASOLA




Sunglasses CÉLINE

PH. J. P. Andrews

Shot in Notting Hill. All words, styling, creative direction my own.

Huge thanks to Barbara Casasola, Boudoir pr and The Apārtment for making LFW a not too shabby experience.