{real talk} 6 things I’m quitting for 2017


Did somebody just say ’tis the season’?

Call it seasonal confusion or just winter-time optimism but with my spray on leather shorts and nearly-but-not-quite Caribbean glow I feel now is the perfect time to give my ‘new year resolutions’ a stab and a poke …right before I consume my weight in sloe-gin and self loathing.

fyi: I’m resolving to quit things… cos like who resolves to take on more work than is necessary? Who??


One. To stop living inside my phone.

Ambitious start I thought. But given that my entire career is built on the tenuous threads of a Mark Zuckerberg zeitgeist – let’s face it who knows what nastygram instagram has pencilled in next year – I reason, my ‘real life’ deserves a little bit more love and attention. I’m gonna start slowly by banishing my iPhone from the downstairs loo. Baby steps.


Two. To quit FOMO’ing.

So when I see a gaggle of London-centric bloggers checking in to a fancy spa hotel, bathing in bath salts and sipping pink fizz I get FOMO. K so truth is I’ve had my fair share of spa breaks this year granted. But whenever I do get left out of an event it clouds my confidence. My immediate reaction goes like this ‘where was my invite? did they forget me? am i not good enough? maybe my audience isn’t their target, maybe nobody likes me, cos I’m irrelevant, also what am I missing?’



Truth is, I’ve dedicated more time to re-wording my twitter bio than I have actually pitching to brands/pitching up to things and I really want to change that.

2017 mantra: The harder I work the luckier I get.


Three. To quit take-away coffee.

It’s convenient… Conveniently damaging my Choo-budget.

Also. Starbucks needs a separate line for people who have their s**t together.


Four. To stop beating myself up about my appearance.

I’ve become so used to seeing 200 hi-defintion, un-filtered, unflattering images of myself EVERYDAY that I’ve started to resent the way I look. Things that before would never bother me are now a daily first world struggle. Things like the left side of my face isn’t as pretty as the right. My tummy isn’t as flat as it used to be. My eyes aren’t as blue I COULD GO ON.

Hating myself won’t make these things go away and so there’s only one way forward, embracing them and accentuating the good bits (got my mum’s legs) and working with what I have.

Werk werk werk werk werk…


Five. Kettle chips.

…and dips. Because maybe then I won’t get so thirsty and drink all of the wine.


Six. Believing everything I read.

K, so like a speed read of the Mail Online side bar give me pure and utter joy. I will never tire of reading about the Kardashians. Nor will I feel guilty about wasting a whole night consuming clickbait threads I’ve found on buzzfeed… But I need to quit thinking it makes me an authority on well life.  My mind is filled with half eaten facts about absolutely f**k all. Sorry mum.

I really want to start verifying the guff I read, getting interested in local stories and actually caring about things. Gonna go cold turkey on Ladsbible and see how I get on.


L x







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  • Judith Crawford

    Absolutely loved this post Lorna!! You look amazing, as per… plus total appreciation for your honesty. Thanks for the inspo, J xxx

  • Love your blog doll! Don’t be so hard on yourself- you’re gorg! Take away coffee took too much of my dollar last year too!

  • Lorna!!! You need a book deal–this is Carrie Bradshaw level writing. I love all of the points you make here. Don’t worry–your right is as pretty as your left. Make sure you also get rid of the iPad in your downstairs loo. You’re not alone when it comes to kettle chips and the Mail Online sidebar–that thing is deadly. Especially with Apple Newsfeed, I have that thing like a drip.

    • lornaluxe

      Too kind as always x