ZURICH: The trip with DUNE… that nearly didn’t happen


A December story…

Remember the great flu bug of 2016? It was particularly significant to me as it took out 90% of my squad and I legit spent most weekends watching X factor and drinking Skinny Chardonnay solo. Yep that.

Well, first week of December, early on a Tuesday morning, Danielle and I pitched up at London City Airport (100% healthy and in total agreement it was Bucks Fizz o’clock) ready to meet the Dune Pr girls and fly to Zurich.

Plot twist:


Half the Dune Pr squad taken out by the flu bug….ger!


So quarter of the squad down we arrived at the Dolder Grand hotel… very goblin king castle in Labyrinth vibes but with 5 star swag.

Eager to go see Christmas markets… smash Christmas baubles.

Excited to try Swiss cuisine…. gorg on cheese fondue til the restaurant legit closed and escorted us out.

Enthusiastic to visit the Dune store next day for their spring summer press day… due to cheese-hangover circumstances I over-slept, missed breakfast/scrambled an outfit shoot and nearly shut down the hotel while the army of Dolder Grand staff hunted for my iPhone charger.

 The fear of 10% battery is real.


Things I loved:

ONE: These Dune Roxbury boots came into their own. It was minus degree temps – ok I can deal with that – but the thing is you walk a lot in Zurich. You walk everywhere infact because did you know Swiss taxi drivers don’t respond well to the Carrie Bradshaw whistle, nor they stop when you stand in the middle of the road screaming.

So you walk a lot.

TWO: The girls were on form. I first became mates with Danielle in Zurich when we visited last time. That was back in April – I blogged that too – so in blogging terms we’ve known each other for like EVER. Joanne from Dune had the job of keeping us fed and watered, out of trouble, me out of the main road and organising the Dune press day with a cheese fondue hangover… somebody give that girl a medal.

THREE: Christmas vibes finally. Up until we arrived at the Zurich Christmas market I hadn’t really been feeling in the festive spirit. I’d been flat-out working and dodging the flu bug so this trip was just what I needed.


100% didn’t plan on co-ordinating outfits and wearing the same boots.


We stayed: in ultimate luxury at the Dolder Grand – looks can be deceiving and this place looked like a fairytale castle from outside but once we settled in it was a whole different hyper-modern, iPad-tech, asian-design game.

We ate: cheese fondue at Swiss Chuchi where the atmosphere was buzzing and the service spot on.

We visited: the Christmas market at the Main Station (an indoor market with the Swarovski tree) and my personal fave Wienachtsdorf in front of the Zurich opera house (complete with ice-rink and more bratwurst than you could shake a soft-white-roll at)

We wore: matchy matchy military studded Roxbury boots. I also took these over-the-knee boots out for a spin on the hotel balcony cos why not.

Shoutout to the Dune team for not cancelling the trip and ultimately restoring my Christmas spirit.

Same time next year yeah?

L x


New season Dune faves to nab now:

I wore:

DUNE Roxbury Boot (on sale)

DUNE Over-The-Knee Boot (see for a selection)

TOMMYxGIGI from Very Exclusive Chunky Knit

TOPSHOP Joni Black Jeans

TOMMYxGIGI from Very Exclusive Military Cape

J BRAND Grey Ribbed Turtle-Neck

ANINE BING Long Grey Cardigan

ph. Danielle Peazer

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