LAS VEGAS: not just a holiday fling


After my mini-cyber-hiatus I’m checking back in.

Turns out, wordpress detox took on a life of it’s own when it suddenly became apparent that well, real life can get very Jackie Collins very quickly. And you know me, I’m not one to under-share so here I am. Post-holiday blues after sin-city, serial sun-worshipping and a sudden taste for gin and tonic.

So much yes to Las Vegas!


posing at Encore Beach Club

In between bikini changes and big nights out, I just about found time to see Vegas in day-light (through very rosé-tinted Chloé sunglasses OBVS!)

Vegas and I go way back…

We hooked up in the summer of 2004 and shared the most intense holiday romance… I fell madly in love with his striking good looks and desperately tasty vodka jelly. He enjoyed my stamina and appreciation for a champagne buffet. Together, we created the stuff of magic {most of which can be found on Facebook if you dig deep enough}.

And I can’t kick the habit.

Vodka jellies, VIP concierge, very attractive men… Vegas shaped the tastebuds of my twenties.  On paper – and as it transpires in reality – it was a page turner of a rom-com to be re-visited over and over again. Maybe we’re not perfect {who is?}. Maybe I missed the ‘too much of a good thing memo’ and we should’ve stayed friends {not that I have time for more friends}. Or maybe, just maybe… I’ll return in six months and it’ll be fireworks as always.

It’s been four days since our last fling.


Meet the squad… Gotta show a guy how popular and fabulous you are non?

Miss. Fashion Kiera Liberati, Mr. Creative Arron Dunworth, Mr. Crazy Jarel Unique and The Body Busola Peters. Good gene pool non?


How-to-do-Vegas hacks:

We hooked up with a private concierge company to arrange our parties and pool treats – they smashed it! And they saved us SO much effort and queue dodging… more time for voguing by the pool {we used Tony Pierzchalski – he’s 24/7 and knows everybody}.

Day clubs:

Encore Beach Club at the Encore… for the aesthetes. Drai’s Beach Club at The Cromwell… for the fashionistas. *Wet Republic at MGM Grand… for well, wall-to-wall hot people.

*MGM Grand I swear hire hot boys to loiter in the lobby, litter you with compliments and prevent you from leaving the building IT’S A TRAP! STAY SAFE


Drais after hours… a red lit, boudoir kind of vibe but oh so very chill. Marquee at The Cosmopolitan… expect spectacular and ex-public school boys shaking their dollars in the air. Omnia… the one we never made it to but also the one everyone talks about – going back especially!


Tao at The Venetian… {asian} for wall-to-wall velvet, photogenic sushi and and instant free entry to the club if you dine late (we ate at 11pm most nights). Mon Ami Gabi at Paris… {french} for steak the size of your head and the best alfresco view of the Bellagio fountains. Sushi Samba at The Palazzo… {fusion} we skipped the food and allowed the server to force-feed us frozen cocktails – for research purposes!! fyi the Moqueca Mista seafood platter looked like a piece of art.


The Palazzo Hotel 


Last day of the trip I was solo while the squad hopped on a greyhound to LA. I skipped passed the pool party and settled into a shady spot at the Palazzo hotel… with the ‘normal’ people. As normal as it gets for Vegas; my bed neighbour was a cattle hauler from Kentucky who insisted on calling me Louise.

Rocking my fave bikini of the trip… A tasty little two-piece from Pretty Little Thing which I ‘ve renamed Princess.


Next stop Cyprus with Miss Rakhit, who’s coming?

L x




Vintage Jean Shorts LEVIS

Carlina Sunglasses CHLOÉ at VERY EXCLUSIVE

Hair Scarf from a selection at BEULAH LONDON


Q10 Bronzing Mousse SIENNA X 

Ph. by myself and Kiera Liberati

All words, styling and creative direction my own.

  • Lor!!! omg this is so freaking lush AF! I wanna be in Vegas right now. Love your swimsuit and love how you do VEGAS!!! Luxe from the word get go!!! Keep it coming girl now the summer is just around the corner!! xxx Ash

  • Judith Crawford

    Wow Lorna!!! And now I need to go to Vegas (again!!). Love your suits and tell-all love note!! You’re my summer inspo, Judith xx

  • Love the little scarf in your hair! How cute, the color of that lilac swimsuit is also so darling <3 | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


  • Vegas!! The things that happen there….Love the swimwear color. Fab as always. <3