Glitter bomb: surviving spring summer ’17


I popped my glittery cherry over the weekend and bounced out of bed like a limited-edition Lush bath bomb.

Spring/Summer ’17… Boom!


Before you get critical about my glittery pleated, floral appliquéd, tassle trimmed millennial pink mash-up. Consider this:

Sartorial maximalism is a metaphor for freedom.

Think about it, how much of the *fun stuff in your wardrobe actually makes it further than the floordrobe? How many times do you over-look said stuff for fear it’ll look ‘too-much’ with the monochrome mandem? What’s fun about that? AND If you’re anything like me and own enough clothes to post-date your own mortality… my theory; maximalism might as well be survival of the fittest.

*fun clothes and shoes and handbags and scarves and all of the body scaffolding that goes with it

Good job Gucci, Lanvin et al have given us so much candy to crush on this season…. Here’s me serving up all that’s good/bad/gone-rogue with Spring Summer 2017:

SERVING SUGGESTION: Top with edible rose and violets, wrap in bows and sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. Consume immediately.

L x


Bow Strap Sandals CHARLES & KEITH

Tassel Floral Crossbody CHARLES & KEITH

Pink Sparkly Gleam Skirt GESTUZ

Embroidered Rose Bomber NEEDLE & THREAD


All words, styling and art direction my own.