marbella: i went on a yoga retreat and legit felt like a saint


Last week as my recent insta foray suggests, I hoped on a plane to the promised land (Marbs) in search of spiritual enlightenment, daily massages and less cellulite.


Granted a narcissistic venture if ever there was one. My reason for going was to shape up for swimwear season. Plus I’d cajoled partner in crime Kiera Liberati to join me on the trip by over-promising on the weather and spurious mentions of prosecco in every guest room.

Togged up in box fresh kicks and matching lycra – Nike, Sweatty Betty and Zakti – we pitched up at luxury yoga retreat Casa La Concha to an enthusiastic greeting by the Casa’s host-with-the-most



Marie-Helene is French born, fabulously well dressed and just the yoga-bunny-incentive we needed given we’d been up since 2am and hoovered a happy meal on the flight.

She showed us around the casa before leading us straight to breakfast. Perched on comfy banquette seating in a sunlit courtyard, we sat by Buddha and chowed down on freshly prepared smoothies and some porridge thing – chia I later discovered – while she talked.

This retreat was clearly a walk in the park


{matchy matchy Zakti Active yoga wear and Nike flyknits}

First day and fully committed to embrace every challenge thrown at us, Marie-Helene suggested we ease in gently… so we lay by the pool plotting cute looks for the gram… Bliss.

Day two and it was down to business.

8 am yoga with Adelaida Villalba: The focus was breathing and Adelaida insisted we practice tongue scraping and *nasal irrigation before we began.

*Nasal Irrigation is well worth a google.


We practised yoga daily on the retreat – always in different locations and at different times – and always  with Adelaida teaching us new elements and peppering us with encouraging compliments.

Apparently I’m a natural… legit my downward dog was on point.

Adelaida as it turns out is a psychologist-turned-yogi after eat-pray-lovin’ her way to India. I was acutely aware of her observing our body-language, listening and talking so that we all challenged ourselves to the endth degree.

Nothing about our yoga sessions was easy… which I secretly quite liked.


Meals were created by on-site nutrition coach Alicia Lamothe.

Did I mention this is a vegan retreat?!

Very mixed feelings about Veganism  given how much I love a soft cheese. Though strangely I’ve cut down my dairy intake since I’ve been home and have tonnes more energy. At Casa the diet was a border-line cleanse given the vast quantity of fruit and vegetables we were hoovering. All credit to Alicia, her dishes were packed with flavour and thoughtfully plated so not once did I feel deprived.

fyi: Her vegan pesto made with cashews is a revelation.


At Casa La Concha we were encouraged to relax, take naps, sunbathe and generally chill out.

For a phone addict like me this was impossible but I gave it my best shot.

On the Casa la Concha yoga retreat schedule is daily massage/therapies: devised to promote the very best chill time.

I had my first Kobido {shiatsu cranial massage} with Juan Dominguez and fell into the deepest sleep of my life. Alicia taught me how to make a body scrub using coffee, coconut oil and kitchen ingredients I liked the smell of. On the last day Adelaida gave me a prescriptive full body massage which I’m convinced has cured my lower-right back pain. Literally cured me.


Everything about this retreat does what it says on the tin.

Four days of sunshine, some quality time with my best mate, seriously good food and giving my body some love has been the best investment.

Consider this body of mine well on track to being a temple…

Kiera let’s go back!

L x


Thanks to Marie Helene Burot and the entire team at CASA LA CONCHA for having us:

Alicia Lamothe: Nutritionist

Baïa:  Healthy food supplier

Adelaida Villalba: Yoga teacher and masseuse

Juan Dominguez: Specialist in Kobido, shiatsu craneo facial

Betina Martinez: Designer

PH. by myself and Kiera Liberati

In collaboration with Casa La Concha. All words, styling, thoughts and art direction my own.