LONDON: How i ‘DO’ instagram, the ’10 minute rule’ & the big 500k milestone


Dedicated to the insta-lovers… not the h***rs!!!

Yeah this one’s been brewing longer than a craft beer… I think I started drafting some notes on what I do for my insta over a year ago so publishing this is quite frankly an unexpected triumph.

*big 500k on the horizon too so nicely timed i thought!


I’M NOT ECONOMICAL WITH MY TIME: “i don’t do instagram, instagram does me”


I’m not at all economical with my time because I literally take the time to take pictures of myself EVERYDAY. Christ the narcissism of it all!!

I don’t have stock content or create pictures way in advance. Rarely. Ever. When I have it’s most likely been sponsored and the brand have insisted on ‘signing off’ the image. For a control freak like me those instances are first world struggles I like to negotiate my way around.

I’m plagued by my own inability to commit to anything too far in advance:

…what i instagram/how i dress/what i eat, it’s all driven by my mood. I mean I never plan an outfit the night before, I never do a big shop at the supermarket and I can rarely predict what I’ll be posting on insta the next day. I must be a nightmare to live with.

*Apologies now if you’re reading this and thinking “wtf, this isn’t helping”

Bare with.


I TAKE 50 PHOTOS FOR EVERY ONE I POST “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s an instagram filter”


From 50 I whittle them Next Top Model style down to a scrapbook edit… Six or seven favourites which I max.

My editing process is this:

I facetune (not lightroom) to highlight my skin, colour in dodgy backgrounds and remove any litter, weird neon signs, bruises! I lighten and brighten pictures in camera roll. I vsco app every image with the same filter for continuity  – A5 is my filter.

In a nine grid I try to match the colours in my most recent pic with the 8th pic – this is most pleasing to the eye. Once I’m happy, I add additional contrast on the instagram app then post.

Do you think i need to get out more?


TRUST THE TIMING OF YOUR LIFE “or trust your instagram insights”


You get ten minutes kids, that’s all you get… Yep I’m like Stephen Hawking when it comes to studying insights on instagram. I’ve been using stats to schedule my posts for nearly a year now.

 No point spending all that time creating cute pictures for no one to see them!

Course I post at optimum times, when the majority of my audience is online BUT the first ten minutes of posting is crucial – how the image performs in engagement (comments and likes) in that first ten minutes will decide the fate of where the post will be shared thereafter.

We got this

Truth is the algorithm is beatable… if you can drive enough engagement to your post as quickly as possible you can decide it’s future success.. Alongside posting at the right time, I dedicate attention to engaging on recent posts of people I follow for a good half an hour before and after I’ve posted.  The fundamental principle of instagram is to create a community – so engagement is the name of the game.

You bored yet?


IF YOU CAN’T BE BETTER BE DIFFERENT “be you, everyone else is already taken”


I’ve been using the ‘if you can’t be better be different’ mantra since i started instagram three years ago.

@lornaluxe is nearly at 500k on the gram now (my other account @streetstyleluxe is at a healthy 285k which is epic) HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! I suspect it’s probably 90% luck, right timing, shed loads of support from others, consistency blah blah blah AND 10% – sticking to my own style and creating something unique to me.

Whether it’s a ‘shoefie’, a ‘chestfie’ or a regular ‘sat on steps questioning life’ I try to make the pic my own and create something instantly recognisable as me.


I just looked and I’m following nearly a thousand people on the gram!!! Some are mates but most are people unique in someway that I find inspiration from. Please if i’m not following you, share you insta in the comments… I try to follow at least one new account every month.

I still genuinely love insta, the shine hasn’t worn off for me just yet.


L xxxxxxx


Look 1:

Velvet Blazer FRAME

Vinyl Skirt TOPSHOP

‘Need No Man’ White Tee AERYNE


Sunglasses KREWE


Look 2:




Black Camisole THE KOOPLES




Look 3:

Fluffy Faux Fur Coat NEXT

White tee NEXT



Shoes TOPSHOP similar

Look 4:

Check Coat ASDA

Embellished Tee ASDA

Skirt ASDA



Look 5:


Shoes TOPSHOP similar & Jeans RE/DONE LEVIS


Ph. myself and J.P.Luxe

All words, styling and creative direction my own

  • Love this Lorna! Good tips as lately I’m feeling a bit down with the engagement on my posts 🙁 but onwards and upwards! Well done my love on your 500k milestone! Totally desserved! Xxxx

    • lornaluxe

      Thanks so much! Ahh glad you read it, yep it’s crazy how it’s evolved, i think the algorithm takes the enjoyment out of it for most – it will ultimately impact the success of it in the future! I’m always on the look out for new platforms xxxx

  • Love hearing about how other bloggers tackle the gram! The 10 minute rule is soo true I need to work on engaging before and after posting I think!
    I can definitely instantly tell one of your images before looking at the tag or handle so it’s definitely working! Congratulations on the milestone!
    My Instagram handle is kirstyeelizabeth xx

    • lornaluxe

      Thanks so much for reading and replying – yep it’s a tricky right now, I’m always looking for ways to take on the algorithm and get my pics seen by as many people as possible.

      Thanks for sharing your handle – looking forward to a Sunday morning in bed looking through your gallery
      L xxx

  • vesolana

    I woke up this morning turned to my fiancé and asked him if he wanted to go take pictures of a giant pineapple in Santa Clara today. Quickly after I thought to myself…am I insane!?! I love fashion, traveling, exploring and taking pictures of it all. It is my PASSION! Your article couldn’t have presented itself at a better time. ❤️ I love being part of a community of likeminded people. If you get it you get it! Congratulations on reaching a major milestone! Happy pineapple hunting to all!! 🍍😘 Please stop by and say hi, it would mean the world to me! @vesolana

  • Belle & Bunty

    Amazing, thanks for sharing your top tips! You can always tell a LL photo 😉 xx

  • Love this and you’re so right about engagement-crucial! I’m at @twenty6style if you want to say hi 🙂

  • Markia Crawford

    Thanks for sharing the insta tip! I’m starting a fitness page and will steal shamelessly😉!! Congrats on 500k!! Check me out @c.markia

  • I really enjoyed this post. I’m just starting to take my Instagram seriously and I’m struggling with the image consistency since I take pictures of travel… sometimes I’m in a dark forest and others I’m on a beach and using the same filter just doesn’t work. So – working on that aspect still!

  • Sydney Selde

    Really loved reading this post and your approach to the gram, thanks for sharing beaut! You absolutely deserve 500k! xx
    My insta is @theredlippedgypsy

  • Benna Catterick

    This was such a huge help, thank you so much! Thank you for sharing your tips for how you make your gram so divine!
    My insta is @perthstylesource xx

  • Yalda Yazarlou

    omg thank you SO much Lorna you fucking babe!!! I’m so glad you did the Q+A On the way to the airport today i had a feeling that maybe you might pick my question about the algorithm and answer it, so thankful for this post! I cant believe i didn’t see it when you first uploaded it.. love your blog! My Instagram is @vogue.mylife .. at the moment i create content and also repost other peoples photos whose styles i would wear to be different and give some variety to my followers.. i feel like doing this though compromises my authenticity and doesn’t really assure people that they can trust me when i do product reviews or promote things that i’ve been gifted.. hmm

  • Ashley Dike

    I absolutely adore your instagram! Your clothes and shoes omg are amazing😍😍 I just watched your insta story about the algorithm, I didn’t even realize there was one. This post was super helpful, thankyou soo much for posting it!! Anywho, I made a travel/fashion type account in July but haven’t really seen much growth despite being really active. I will definitely try to employ some of your tips though! My account name is @ashleighgoesto if you want to check it out, it would mean sososoo much😊

  • Glowified

    Hi Lorna, Thanks for being so transparent and sharing these tips. Absolutely love the distinctive look you’ve created, your images are instantly recognizable, always gorgeous and have an air of mystique. You’re well on your way to 600k now, well done! I’m a ‘oldie’ newbie and learning as I go & inspired by your professionalism. If it’s ok with you, as someone who loves style & is old enough to be your mum (she must be very proud of you!), would love it if you checked my page out & followed me on IG or liked/commented on a post…that would absolutely make my day! xo @GlowifiedStyle

  • Kay

    Congrats on the (now!) 555K followers. I know… 555, must be some secret divine conspiracy haha 🙂 Thank you so much for this post and for being such an inspiration for all these years. I seriously wait for new posts from you every day. Just in case you’re still curious, my insta is: @klangwelt <3

    Much love
    Style Unsettled