LONDON: this season’s silhouette & a side order of REAL TALK


Baby it’s baltic outside.

But before I start with the Christmas puns and tell you all my seasonal secrets… aka THE winter hack on how to avoid looking like a yeti. Can I give you a quick life update on some real shiz I’m currently dealing with:


I’ve unwittingly been caught out with a very British problem:

An illness in fact – which the doc diagnosed as SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I’ve felt this miserable ever since I got home from America. In fairness when I boarded the plane at LAX it was 32 degrees with zero wind chill so when I landed at Heathrow to glow-in-the-dark tabards chipping hail-stones off the tarmac you can imagine my remorse. There are the occasional days like this one, where a couple of hours of vitamin D do the business. For the most part though I’m permanently tired, always hungry and lacking in energy and confidence.

I’m legit not living my best life – I don’t have the energy or the desire. I’ve quit alcohol – I figured this could become crutch which I don’t want it to be, I’m practising mindfulness which as it turns out is f***ing impossible and I’ve stocked up on a pricey skin serum which promises plumped up my skin, a perky complexion and eternal youth fingers crossed.

Other than emigrating, how do you overcome this? Answers on a sunny postcard please.


Meanwhile back to my day job:

Tackling winter: The trendiest way to remain wrapped up and sane this season is something belted and dare i say it feminine.

Most of the umpteen coats I’ve invested in this year haven’t conformed – the Alexa Chung trench saving the day! This Lovers & Friends coatigan was something I picked up in LA last month. God I miss that L.A. heat. But coatigan is an utter joy. She’s warmer than she looks, woven from the most skin flattering caramel-machiatto threads and with pockets big enough to stash an iPhone and hide my haribo.

I’ve been championing the long cardi/denim combo since I popped out the womb. 

Since the silhouette of the season demands us to get waisted I’m spending tonight online, seeking out more of these kinds of knitted separates to see me through. Here’s my e-basket thus far:


Coatigan of the season LOVERS AND FRIENDS (gifted)

Jeans AGOLDE (gifted)

Sweater old but similar here

Sunglasses LE SPECS

Bag MELI MELO (gifted)

Gold chains are ‘eleonora’ CINCO STORE and ‘zodiac’ TAI JEWELRY (both gifted)


Ph. JP Andrews

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