Paris: the most asked questions for an instagrammer in 2017… answered.


I decided to create a cheat sheet of answers to the questions I regularly get asked about – from the sublime to the brilliantly ridiculous..

Here goes:


What filter do you use?

VSCO A5 {sometimes i filter it in ‘mild day’ using the STACKABLES app first, this adds brightness to a dull day}


What camera do you use and who takes your pics?

I use a LEICA D-LUX 109 compact camera for day-to-day and occasionally a NIKON D-5 with a LEICA 35mm lens if i’m shooting editorial. I will ask whoever I’m with to shoot my pics (no shame) but most often that person is this special human


What size jeans do you wear?

Most often I order 26 except for DONNA IDA {i’m a 25} and REDONE {i’ve got pairs in 25,26,27}


How can you afford your lifestyle and all the travel you do?


My blog/insta is now my full time job which is crazy.

I say that because I’m forever anticipating the bubble to burst on this one and I don’t really take it too seriously as a consequence. Right now I’m known for talking and sharing about my personal style. The travelling comes in handy for story telling and giving context to the ‘outifit’s I wear. What reinforced that for me last year was seeing my ‘little luxe book’ series garner the most hits and being excited to share new experiences instead of just new clothes.

 It’s rare that I’m sent away on trips or luxury escapes for free {the last time that happened was in Austria with Rewardstyle}. SO this is what I do. I’m resourceful with what I have access to; be it free clothes, borrowed luggage, the loan of a car, an upgrade on the eurostar, a balcony suite when I paid for a shoebox or a photogenic meal in a swanky restaurant… these are opportunities I would never have without blogging so I maximise their potential. With the money I earn from sponsored content and ambassordorships, I save like a squirrel and re-invest the money back into new and more exciting adventures.. In Paris nothing was sponsored, can you tell?

Where in London do you live?

I live outside of London, near Brighton and fairly rural. It’s a shocker for street style which explains why so many of my insta pics are shot inside.


How old are you?


In my 30’s {I know!!}


What is the next ‘it shoe’ on your to-buy list?

The Balenciaga triple S trainer… sold out everywhere i look.


What did you do before you blogged?

I was long-haul cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic and i loved it.


What size is your GUCCI belt?

It’s the ‘double G buckle belt’ in size 80 {take a size up so you can wear it on you hips in summer}


What’s your favourite restaurant in London?

Okay this changes but for January 2018: For a night with the girls I love Restaurant Ours in Chelsea. For low-key eats in a cute setting I love NAC in Mayfair. For the best macaroni cheese only Riding House Cafe in Fitzrovia will do. For the gram… Il Tetto on the rooftop of Selfridges, Hotel Kensington {ask for the love booth}, the new Ivy Granary Square at Kings Cross is great in the evening and Dalloway Terrace at the Bloomsbury for alfresco in winter.


How do you still grow your instagram now the algorithm has changed?

I’m a huge insta fan, I love it as much now as I did when I started. Back then the trick to growing was engagement – both on my own feed and the accounts that I followed. I still practice my *10 minute rule religiously after I post on insta and I also pay attention to my insights so I post when people are most active. *i wrote about how I grew my insta and the infamous 10 minute rule here.


How do you edit your pictures?

Along with my vsco filter and stackables app, i also use facetune to remove things I don’t like and highlight things I do. If i did a video tutorial of how exactly.. would you watch it? Comment if you would below – i’m tempted to do one.

L x


‘miranda’ tapestry coat GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND (budget)

pearl knit E-BELIEVE

jeans AGOLDE

belt GUCCI





sunglasses LE SPECS


Ph. J.P.Luxe

All words, thoughts, awkward poses and messy hairstyling my own.

  • Frances Hemmant

    LOVED this post!! You are honestly so beaut, and I love your style!!

  • Toria

    Would love to see a video tutorial on editing! 🙂

  • Sherien Boni

    Such an inspiration!! Love your styles! My instagram is @sherienboni

  • Yes!! Film how you edit !! X

  • Glowified

    For sure, I’d watch your video on editing!

  • Lucia porter

    I would definitely watch a how to video of how you edit photos! Please do!! Xxx

  • Love you to the moon and back!! That’s special person!!! I want to cry!! You guys!!! Big love always my gorgeous Lor. You are one of a kind!



  • kassleanne

    Love this blog so much! Happy I stumbled upon it by accident this morning! Such a huge inspiration you are! Love your blog! And I would def watch a video tutorial on how you edit!!

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    I’m loving your blog. As a thirty something year old myself, I find you hugely inspirational. Please do the editing vid. Oh, my instagram is

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    Lorna you are such an inspiration, I love your pics on Insta as well as your ironic captions.
    Video? Yes please!

    Love xxx
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