INSPIRATION: beauty and the beast


*Quick life update: Mr. Luxe and I got together the day after Valentines Day TEN YEARS AGO. So this year i’ve booked us a swanky night in a hotel and he’s found us a dog-sitter.

I titled it ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to reference my ritualistic beauty regime, a beastly spending habit and the obvious lol that he might see this and think I’m talking about him.

I’m sharing my beauty faves today…

and three potential outfits (in Fridays newsletter, I don’t want him to see them). Subscribe to the blog on the homepage if you’re not already!


The prep

Ten years has flown by. Ten whole years that Mr. Luxe has had a grip of my torso and i’ve had a grip of his well worn Amex. And tanned limbs means toned limbs… so here are my fool proof tanning rituals:


I don’t waste money on pricey exfoliators: i swear by a body mitt daily… a good scrub down in the shower each morning wake up my mind and body, and more importantly removes dead cells and invigorate dull skin.

I don’t tan the night before: I’m convinced this is an urban myth which if pursued will ruin you sex-life, egyptian cotton sheets and overall happiness. Instead I tan daily after my morning shower/body moisturise – the ten minutes required for my tan to dry can be used for super important things like lying on the bed naked while watching insta-stories and chewing pebble-dashed bread coated in marmite. You do you.

I do like a little more shine in the evening: I’ll liven up a day-old tan by massaging a miracle tinted serum into my legs/arms/chest and neck – it smells divine, hydrates the skin and gives it a subtle pearlescent sparkle. Gamechanger.

{more inspo and links to these images here}


The face

I’m not a cheap date where my face is concerned: I love a good facial and extra false lashes, I live for my six monthly lip injections and I don’t actually know what the colour of my complexion is because I’ve been fake-tanning since 1996.

Things I do to my face:


-Hydrated skin is everything but I don’t wear moisturiser: Instead my day/night skin weapon is La Prairie caviar serum. I use By Terry’s Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum in Sunny Flash as a base to my foundation. And on holidays or nights in with him I just wear the By Terry Serum instead of foundation, it evens my complexion a treat.

YSL All Hours foundation every day: shade B40, I don’t wear anything else (no concealer required)

-Eyes not lips: I focus attention on my eyes – my favourite feature. I’ve got my mums eyes, blue and a little bit sparkly. In the evening I like a smokey eye and infamously will always attempt an eye-liner flick no matter how many lychee martinis I’ve sipped getting ready. On my lips i keep them kissable with tinted balm and a subtle slick of pink. Done.

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The hair

Feeling a sixties inspired do this Valentines… something that references the past always makes me feel girly and more importantly… sexy.


-dry shampoo on clean hair gives it more texture

-styling a ponytail or hair combed to one side exposes your neck – important for kisses/gifted necklaces!!

-nice time to experiment with a fringe – focusses attention on those smoky come-to-bed eyes.

-bow… silky ones

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Happy Valentines

L x

{loving CULT OF TOMORROW tumblr.. enjoy}


Photo cred: Slufoot tumblr, Cult of Tomorrow tumblr, Epitome of quiet tumblr, Fashiion Gone Rouge tumblr

  • Loved this! I need to stop tanning at night, not just for my boyfriend but for our poor white company bedding haha. What tan do you use? Xx

  • Oh my god… I just had to google you to find out how old you are after you said you’d been with your husband for 10 years… I genuinely thought you were about 17 and your amazing house was your parents’!!!!! 😂 Mind blowwwwn. Girrrrrl where do you get facials? I need your tricks. Or is it just your genes damnit? Your skin is incredible!!! Xxx @amy.oboyle